Undiscover Paradise, Biliran Island.

Looking for an adventure and escape from the crowded city while having self relaxation, Biliran Island is the best place for you.


  • How to get there
  • About the Island
  • Where to stay and dine in
  • Tips and guide lines
  • Places to visit
  • Resources


You can travel from Tacloban City airport or Ormoc City roro/ferry station via van or UV express for approximately 1 to 2 hours. Trip start from 7am until 5pm. Upon entering the island you will be welcome by the majestic Biliran Bridge which has 150 meters long and which surrounded by small islets. The Biliran Bridge, constructed during the Marcos presidency, is the only access by land of the entire island-province to the island of Leyte, and practically, of the entire Philippines.


From the bridge to the main town, Naval, lots of lodging house can be rented and you may start the adventure by experiencing night life at the island from there beautiful sunset barbeque-han sa baybayin or best resto’s in town and you also, enjoy the nearby karenderia with the best lutong-bahay but a night swimming on the nearest beaches is much recommended.


The island has 8 municipalities and unique part is one of the municipality, Maripipi is another island which is surrounded by my small islets. The island as well is has an active volcano called Mount Biliran which is solfataric active volcano which caused the formation of the island.

If you are looking for a sweaty adventure and wanting to burn those excess fats, you can go hiking as the island has a lot to offer when it comes to mountain scenery plus the idea of having the aerial view of the whole island on top.

Wait, there is more; from unspoiled islands and beaches, towering mountains, acres and acres of lush greens to topping it with over 30 stunning waterfalls and which includes the worlds sweetest water, Tomalistis Falls.

Here is an additional bonus, Higatangan Island beach resort is celebrating festival during mid May, just in case you are looking for a real fun and night life while enjoying to the beat of the music of the performing live band.

Starting to think to live in the island? This little island as well has a university it in it so, the islander won’t get to go to other places to get education and get a degree, and isn’t amazing? Under its academic program are courses in the fields of Arts and Sciences, Business, Teacher Education, Criminal Justice Education, Engineering, Computer Studies, Maritime, Industrial Technology, Management, and Medical-related programs.


You can ride any habal-habal from around the town to get to places that you want to visit except going to a nearby island which you need to ride a bangka to get there. 1st, you can walk if you’re near at the Naval port or if you stay at a distant from the port you can ride a tricycle going there and register afterwards before hopping in. The bangka will leave at 8am-10am and get back in the morning or depends on the island that you will visit.


Higatangan Island with a shifting sandbar and rock formation

Ulan-ulan falls

Recolletos falls

Talahid Beach Resort



Biliran State University




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